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School Uniform Policy

Student clothing should be appropriate for school. Farmdale  has adopted a uniform policy. A uniform is a clear message that we are students here to do our job-learning, learning, learning! The school uniform consists of white or royal blue shirts with navy blue pants, shorts, or skirts/jumpers.  As an incentive to promote college and university awareness and make it a part of our students' vision, Friday is "College Day" and we strongly encourage students to wear attire prompting colleges.

We ask that uniforms be worn Monday through Friday,
unless students are wearing 'College' attire on Fridays.


Youth/ Jovenes

Crew neck Sweatshirt-$14
Hooded Sweatshirts-$20
Zippered Sweatshirt- $22

 Adult/ Adultos

Crew neck Sweatshirt-$16
Hooded Sweatshirts-$22
Zippered Sweatshirt- $24

We have Farmdale t-shirts, polos, and sweatshirts for sale throughout the school Year.  The Farmdale polos and sweatshirts have embroidered logos for Farmdale and IB. What a great way to show off your school spirit!  Please visit the Parent Center for more information.