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Community School Student Leadership Team:  (left front to back)  Samantha Rosales, Jacob Valencia, Anthony Barrios, Leilanni Chavez, (middle bottom) Cecilya Castaneda, Zoee Galindo, (right, front to back) Aniyah Ramos, Yesenia Reynosa, Isabella Ceron, Brandon Zamora.  

CS Student Leader Yesenia Reynosa stays close by to answer any questions about the survey as George Jaramillo and Jaden Torres participate in the initial Community School Student survey.

CS Student Leader Aniyah Ramos supports students as they take the survey.  Students in grades 3 through 5 were given a google form survey which the CS Student Leaders created themselves.

The Community School Student Leadership Team spent Nov. 2019 through March 2020 surveying students during recess and lunch through in-person interviews conducted on ipads, through drawings and google forms.  They persisted and got over 80% participation in each grade level!

Brandon Zamora and Samantha Rosales show students the results of the survey and let them know they need as many students to participate so they can understand what Farmdale students want.
CS Student Leaders Isabella Ceron (left back) and Cecilya Castaneda (right front) support students as they take the survey during recess and check off their names to ensure an accurate tally of who has participated and who still needs to be asked to participate. 


The data below represents 3rd - 5th grade responses only.  The Community School Leadership students created the survey based on what they thought was important to ask other students.

At Farmdale we want to make sure that ALL of our stakeholders have a voice - that includes STUDENTS.  Our students are caring and intelligent and know what they need to make Farmdale the best Community School to serve their needs. 


Contact Ms. Mordaunt by sending her an e-mail at [email protected] to find out when the next Student Leadership meeting will be held.

Since March 2020, our student leadership meetings have been held on line via Zoom.  We combined our Student Council with our Community School Leadership Team and held weekly zoom meetings to hear students' opinions about the current learning situation, how to improve it, what students like about Farmdale and some ideas of how to make it better. 

CS Students participated in weekly meetings with Ms. Dominguez and Ms. Mordaunt to give their input and ideas about what is currently working well at Farmdale and what we can improve.