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 Volunteer! Get Involved!

Volunteering at school, even just a few hours a month, is a great way to help when needed, boost your child's confidence and learn more about what is happening at the school and in class. At Farmdale, there are many ways for parents to get involved and extra hands are always appreciated.

If you are interested in helping with extra duties, you can contact the Parent Center. At the Parent Center, parents, grandparents and legal guardians come together to help put together packages and decorations for the classroom and the school.

If you are interested in helping in your child's classroom, you can contact your student's teacher or become a PTA Class Parent. Classroom volunteers could help with various things such as, checking homework, setting up Breakfast in the Classroom, tutoring and many other things.

PTA also has many volunteer options throughout the year for various events held. Parents can offer to help set up for events, cover concessions or decorate.   The school library also needs volunteers!

The Los Angeles Unified School District has Health and Safety Guidelines for potential volunteers. 

Mandatory Volunteer Application Processing:

  • All LAUSD volunteers must complete an LAUSD School Volunteer Application, signed by the principal
  • Volunteers serving at more than one LAUSD school must have a completed application, for each school, on file at the Parent Community Services Branch.
  • This processing excludes volunteers who assist in one-time activities such as chaperoning proms or field trips; providing clerical functions; one-time speaking engagements; conducting job-shadowing events or other one-time activities at the school where the volunteer will have limited contact with students or staff and will be supervised by a District certificated employee.  All volunteers must sign-in at the school office each time they enter the school premises.

Tuberculosis Clearance Requirements:

  • In addition to a completed School Volunteer Application, tuberculosis clearance must take place within a six-month period prior to beginning a volunteer assignment. 
  • Volunteers must have written documentation of tuberculosis clearance on file at the school prior to beginning an assignment.

Fingerprinting Requirements (Background Clearance):

LAUSD incorporates State statutes pertaining to supervised volunteerism in public schools.  Fingerprinting by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  is required for the following volunteers:

  • ALL individuals volunteering in childcare centers must complete fingerprinting prior to their assignment in a facility and prior to having any contact with children.
  • Mentors and one-on-one tutors.
  • Non-employee volunteer coaches.
  • School administrators who provide volunteer and mentoring programs at their schools where there is no direct supervision by an LAUSD credentialed employee must ensure that fingerprints by the DOJ and FBI are completed prior to beginning the volunteer assignment.
Ms. Ayala, parent representative explains the application process.
Ms. Mordaunt, Community School Coordinator hands out prizes for those lucky attendees.
Parents select how they want to volunteer to support their children and school.