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  • IT Technology Support Number & Hours

    • (213) 241-5200

    • Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:45pm


Hotspot Support

TMobile Hot Spot

Call 800-937-8997 for additional help setting up a Franklin T9 device

Verizon Hotspot

Call  800-922-0204  for additional help setting up a Jetpack device

Call  213-443-1300  to request support from LAUSD

Connectivity Support

iPad WiFi

Important Parent Portal Information For New Students  

Parents/legal guardians of new LAUSD students will NEED TO WAIT UNTIL August 18th to use/activate their Parent Portal PIN and link their student; otherwise, they will need a new Parent PIN. For the purposes of the Parent Portal, a new student can be defined as:

  • a student who has never been enrolled in the LAUSD, or

  • a student who was once enrolled in the LAUSD, left the district, and is now returning to the LAUSD.  Returning students to the LAUSD are considered new students and they should be able to get the same Student ID they had when they first enrolled in an LAUSD school. 

The parents/legal guardians of new LAUSD students who have not yet been issued a 10-digit Student ID (Example 123456M789, 123456F789 or 123456X789) will not be assigned a Parent Portal PIN. The unique Parent Portal PIN will be assigned to each parent/legal guardian once their child is issued a Student ID. 

There is a two step process for the parents/legal guardians of new LAUSD students to be assigned a Parent Portal PIN. 

  1. The new student must first be enrolled in an LAUSD school and be assigned a 10-digit Student ID. 

  2. Each parent/legal guardian of the new LAUSD student will then receive a unique Parent Portal PIN. 

IMPORTANT: If a parent/legal guardian of a new LAUSD student does not wait until August 18th to use/activate their Parent Portal PIN, their original Parent PIN will not work. Due to the fact that the student is not yet technically enrolled in LAUSD, MiSiS and Parent Portal will remove the student, reset the Parent PIN overnight and issue a new Parent PIN. Then the new Parent PIN will have to be provided to the parent/legal guardian. 

Parents/Legal Guardians of students who were enrolled in an LAUSD school in June 2020 will not be affected. Parents/Legal Guardians can add to their Parent Portal account a student who was enrolled in an LAUSD school in June 2020. 

Please also note that Parent Portal PINs are not student PINs and are not the PINs to activate a student LAUSD Mymail email account for Schoology.